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Since being established in 1973, Mellows Eaton Ltd has produced a first class service in Metal Plating to high standards together with competitive pricing have resulted in work being carried out for a vast arrray of companies throughout the United Kingdom including special rquirements for the film and television industry.

The experience gained in these years has produced our highly professional team which is capable of dealing efficiently with orders both large and small.

We have developed systems to meet our customers requirments in a wide variety of both Functional and Decorative applications and a policy of continuous innovative development has enabled Mellows eaton Ltd to stay ay the forefront of the finishing technology.

Client List Includes
Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby - 2012 London Olympic Games - Torch gold Plating
HRP - Hampton Court - The Lost Crown of Henry V111 - Gold Plating


Henry VIII's lost crown recreated nearly 400 years on.

Mellows Eaton Ltd completed the gold plated finish on the Lost Crown of Henry V111 that was comissioned by HRP for Hampton Court Palace.

Read the Guardian story by Maev Kennedy > HERE

< Featured left in an article from The Guardian is The lost crown of Henry VIII that has been recreated in minute detail by HRP for Hampton Court Palace and gold plated by our team at Mellows Eaton Ltd.
Clash of The Titans - Plating of the Principal Armours

Maleficent - Jewellery plating
  < Featured Left from the movie Clash of The Titans - actor Luke Evans wears armour made by Terry English and gold plated by our team at Mellows Eaton Ltd.
Apollo Theatre costume department - WICKED - Jewellery plating
Shakespeare Globe - TWELTH NIGHT - Stephen Frye Jewellery
West End & UK Tour - WE WILL ROCK YOU - Gold Chains and Belt Buckles
Victoria Palace Theatre - BILLY ELLIOT - Plating of Police Hat Badges

  < Featured Left from the Musical Billy Elliot. The team at Mellows Eaton Ltd plated the police helmet badges!

Latest News

Recently we have undertaken plating special Items from such Movies as Snow White and the Huntsman exciting stuff! more...
  Our Plating Process includes

• Electrical Contacts • Light Fittings & Chandeliers
• Writing Instrument Components • Jewellery
• Bathroom Fittings • Cutlery & Tableware •Giftware
• Door Furniture • Awards & Trophies
• Medals & Badges • Your Products

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