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Mellows Eaton Ltd was formed in 2006 by Karl Mellows and Mark Eaton.

Karl's background includes the management of high volume manual precious and base metal electroplating facilities.

Mark's background includes research and development of electroless nickel plating solutions as well as working as an analytical chemist within the electroplating industry.

Mellows Eaton Ltd are renowned specialists in electroplating. The expertise of our accomplished team provides the ultimate finishing service for manufacturers and designers.

Mellows Eaton have developed systems to meet our customers requirements in a wide range of both decorative and functional applications with a policy of continuous development, has enabled us to stay at the forefront of finishing technology.

Our services are used by engineering companies in the main servicing, aerospace, oil refining, medical and electronic industrial sectors.

Another specialist area is the plating of jewelley and metal work for Film and Television.

Collection and delivery service available, we also undertake private and commercial work for the general public.


The London 2012 Olympic Torch was designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

In 2011 Mellows Eaton Ltd were asked to produce a gold plated finish on the prototype Olymic Torch.

The gold plated Torches were used for the Press and Television Launches for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

< Featured left in Heat Magazine is one of the 2012 London Olympic Torches that had been gold plated by our team at Mellows Eaton Ltd.

Latest News

Recently we have undertaken plating special Items from such Movies as Snow White and the Huntsman exciting stuff! more...
  Our Plating Process includes

• Electrical Contacts • Light Fittings & Chandeliers
• Writing Instrument Components • Jewellery
• Bathroom Fittings • Cutlery & Tableware •Giftware
• Door Furniture • Awards & Trophies
• Medals & Badges • Your Products

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For a quote CALL: 01293 532843 or
email: mark@bestelectroplating.co.uk

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